Learn to Knit- Casting On

Learning to knit can seem daunting, but there are many ways to get started and different methods to choose from.  You just need to make a start with what feels most sensibsle and comfortable for you.

Starting to Knit

To get started Knitting you need knitting needles and yarn. It’s best to buy a decent quality of knitting needles and yarn as this will help the process to be smooth and easy.


Knitting Needles

Buying cheap knitting needles can mean the stitches don’t slide easily along the needle and keep a nice even tension and easy handling of the stitches. Cheap needles can be rough and snag the yarn so stitches don’t glide on and off the needles or slide nicely along as the knitting progresses.

We suggest buying medium to thick standard knitting needles made of high quality plastic or steel, about 25-30 cm in length and  6mm thick ( UK-4 USA -10) to make it easier to see what you are doing with the yarn. You can find good knitting needles on eBay.

Using thick needles and yarn makes moving the yarn and needles around easier, until you get more practice and can move on to thinner needles and yarns.

You can find good knitting needles on eBay, Amazon and large knitting supplies sites.

Be careful when choosing knitting needles. There are many kinds of needles. What you need is a pair of single point/ed needles like these Pony Knitting Needles

Knitting Yarn

For beginners, we recommend a thick chunky knitting yarn, as it is easy to work with amd see what you are doing with the yarn and getting the needles through the stitches. An  ideal yarn to buy online would be this  thick chunky knitting yarn which has free P&P  with no minimum order.

Learn How To Cast On

In this video you can see very clearly how to cast on your first stitches.

Next – Learn the Knit Stitch


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